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    Hello everyone.

    Could I please ask for some hints and tips related to my recently purchased 2CV?

    I have just returned to Australia from a small stint in the UK. We landed on Thursday.

    I wanted to surprise my wife on our 10th anniversary with a 2CV to use at home (we had one as a wedding car). I bought the 2CV unseen from Perth and had it shipped and registered in Melbourne.

    The 2CV had been described as restored. I wasn’t expecting concourse, I think I can now say it has been “sympathetically” restored.

    The motor was described to “run like a sewing machine”



    It runs like an absolute pig. I picked it up yesterday. It doesn’t idle at all, and is very very lumpy.

    I suspected (and smelled) that it was running rich.

    I took the plugs out this morning and they were black!

    Put new plugs in with my fingers crossed. No joy :(

    So, perhaps I need to pay some attention to the carb?

    The mystery is that my friend who registered the car for me said it ran very well (like a 2CV) but very well.


    So, before I tread down a probably well proven path. Can I please ask if there are any Melbourne based 2CVers that would like to share their knowledge or even pop around for a tea/coffee and  look at a new 2CV addition to Victoria.




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