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    We all got most probably aware of problems with new condensers by now and are all a bit worried to get stuck somewhere on a country road with a coughing machine. I read about a raid pioneer, who was mounting his condenser in the front of the fan casing to replace them quicker on the journey – so the problem is a real one! Since my meticulous German mechanic had replaced the points AND the condenser five years ago I got stuck myself three times and went through three new condensers, until I realised that I had to find and alternative to those lousy gadgets. First I solved the problem to put the old original one back in, but then I stumbled over a lot of OLD new condensers on Ebay and bought them. My friend the electronic specialist checked them all out for me, and instead of 0 to 7 nano farads of the faulty ones they were all measuring between 250 and 300 nanos, which means, that they are all in good working order. I’m willing to share five of them with the 2CV community of Australia for twenty bucks a piece inclusive postage: ameletters@yahoo.com is my email and my paypal address! Cheers: Amé

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