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    My message was deleted before sent – so I try again:

    I have the stupid old wiper switch for the traditional one speed motor – tried to connect the Hella interval switch with dismal success – mounted a long toggle switch on the plastic wiper motor cover to switch with my finger tips from the steering wheel but lost the parking action . . .

    Is the parking action created by the switch or the motor??? If someone out there could enlighten me about the proper wiring (red, blue, black, white) I would love the rain a lot better – even if the rotten spindles still pump water over my dashboard with pleasure – maybe the leakage could have ruined the wiper switch – would that would be karma?




    Does that look kind of logical to anyone of you all out there?



    Hi, I was looking on the Der Fransoze 2cv parts site.

    They have the Hella variable speed switch for sale.

    Part of their description shows a wiring diagram from Hella?

    I hope this link works and takes you to the page where the image lives




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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