Importing a 2CV

The information in this article is collated from information provided by 2CViking, Shayne Harris and ButterCupbob.
Some of the information might not be current anymore, so it pays to check!

Quick overview:

Registration of imported 2CVs built after 1 January 1989 is impossible. Cars built before this date is possible but mighty difficult due to ADR (Australian Design Rules). Cars before ADR no worries (1971) see this

Most 2CVs are stamped with an ORGA number on the firewall, which will tell you the date of manufacture: see this


Every raid is bringing in 2CVs from overseas. That in itself is a good thing. Australia doesn’t have many 2CVs and new cars are welcome but there are some problems associated with this.
Some raiders think that Australia can be used as a dumping place for cheap rejected European rust buckets, recovering some of the expenses attached to travel to Australia and to do a raid.
Most raiders do bring fair and interesting 2CVs to Australia that others can enjoy after the raid.
Problem is that majority of these 2CVs are from the 1980s and have become almost impossible to register. They need to comply with ADR (Australian Design Rules) and exemption is no longer given to applicants.
To be fair to the person wanting to buy the 2CV after the raid, do the right thing.

See these links for more information:
Second Edition Australian Design Rules
Third Edition Australian Design Rules

The work needed for a 2CV to comply with ADR is considerable, and an unnecessary amount of money is just wasted. For example a 2CV from 1972 might be easier to register and needs no or very little work compared to a 1986 car which needs so much additional work to get through registration.
Another problem is, if the car is imported and registered let’s say in Queensland, it can not be transferred to New South Wales to a new potential owner until the 2CV has 2 years of registration in Queensland.

Personal import is only an option for a citizen or resident of Australia. The 2CV must have been registered in the overseas country in your name and for a minimum of 12 months. If you are immigrating to Australia you can bring the 2CV with you as Personal import.

The references in the Australian Design Rules are to the year of manufacture. In summary:

  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 January 1969 you are required to have Upper Torso Restraints for the front seat.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 January 1971 you are required to have:
    • Collapsible Steering Column.
    • Upper Torso Restraints for the rear seat.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 July 1971 you are required to have all the windscreens and windows bearing the Safety Glass mark.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 January 1972 you will have:
    • to fit Head Rests.
    • to fit a Reversing Light.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 January 1973 you are required to have a Padded Dash.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 July 1976 you will have to fit Child Restraints.
  • If your vehicle was manufactured after 1 January 1977 you are required to have:
    • Service Brake Failure Lamps and Hand Brake Warning Lamps.
    • Side Impact Protection System.

In conclusion, any 2CV manufactured after 1 January 1969 has to conform with the Australian Design Rules at date of manufacture, which involves engineer certification that all modifications comply. As at August 2009, in Western Australia, any 2CV manufactured before 1969 can be registered without the expense of modification and engineer certification.

Apparently, the situation is very similar in New South Wales, and most likely it is in all states now.

There has been an effort to standardise traffic regulations throughout Australia, and it seems that ADR compliance is to be strictly observed.

Further…. NSW does not necessarily respect the other states’ assessment of compliance or exemption. There have been a few cases where new 2CV owners wanted to transfer their registration to NSW, and found it virtually impossible.

To get a non ADR compliant 2CV (either with exemption certificate or not) on to NSW registration requires 2 years of continuous interstate registration IN THE NAME OF THE SAME OWNER THAT IS APPLYING FOR NSW REGISTRATION, and a current NSW roadworthy certificate…… which will include inspection to the ADR standards. That will be VERY difficult.

As a result…. it seems that pre 1969 2CVs will be highly sought after.

Author: John

2CV driver since 1977 when getting my license :)



Today I had a 1978 2CV inspected by an RTA approved engineer. The car had previously been registered in NSW, but rego had lapsed in 2000. Because the rego had lapsed, I couldn’t get a Blue Slip without an engineers report.
This 2CV had a seatbelt frame behind the rear seat to provide the upper anchor point for a lap/sash seatbelt. It also had child restraint anchors. As well it had headrests (not required according to the engineer).
What it needed was side intrusion bars (since 1977). The front doesn’t present too much of a challenge, but the rear doors are very difficult. Since this car is mainly for Raids, a work around would be to remove the rear seat, rear seatbelts and frame and have it reclassified as a 2 seater.
I also needed a reversing light and the side exit exhaust pipe had to be changed to a straight one exiting behind the rear bumper (neither a problem).
A collapsible steering column wasn’t mentioned. If the car had been a private import, all it needed would have been the rear seatbelt frame and lap/sash belts. No side intrusion bars.
If it was prior to 1972, none of the above was required. Sadly, the old rego certificate stated it was a 1978 model.


Dear all :

We ( 3 european 2cv teams ) are planning to participate.

we are planning to bring our 2cv cars into Australia and after the raid take them back home to Europe.

Are those regulations also aplicable when we do not leave the cars in Australia ?

Please advise ?

Best regards Daan.

Lex Gordon

I have just brought in my 1985 2CV6 from England into N.S.W. ( 2016) which needed $6700 of modifications. This was a personal import. I’ve owned and driven this car for 23 years. If anyone wants to know what modifications I needed to have done please feel free to ask me – I’m happy to help…. Lex Gordon.

Laurent Seitz

Hi Lex,

I am planning to import my 1987 2CV6 from France into QLD in November and I have a LOT of questions. I think I can’t apply for a personal import because I won’t be permanent resident (Ijust have a working VISA 457). I will probably apply for Vehicles Manufactured Before 1989 Option. Could you please tell me what modifications I will need?

Maybe we can chat by email?

Thank you heaps


Les Griffiths

I have had a Citroen Mehari in France since 2009….with a French registration in my name. The galvanised chassis is of 1974 manufacture ………and the Carte Grise certificate confirms that it is a ” 1974″ Mehari, but the mechanicals, running gear, body and suspension are new and were sourced from Club de Mehari at Cassis. The local Citroen dealer is a club member and assembled the Mehari for me….from what I have read so far, I can never bring this French gem back to Australia…….I just drove it 1660 kms to Germany and Switzerland and back to Provence,,,,,,,any thoughts about importation?? Doesn’t seem likely.

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